Stephen L. Meredith - Republican Candidate for Kentucky State Representative for the 18th District 

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Jane Smith Used Online Candidate for her Campaign Website CMSI have announced my intentions to run for Kentucky State Representative for the 18th District in 2014 because I believe our state government is not responsive to the needs of its citizens or adequately addressing the critical problems Kentuckians are facing on a daily basis.  If we do not  make our voices heard and alter this course, our government will continue on a path of destroying our freedoms and ultimately, our beloved state and country.  Our children and our grandchildren will inherit  a mountain of financial debt with little prospect of realizing "the American Dream."

I am not a politician.  In fact, this is my first political race. But,  I have chosen to pursue this seat because I believe in public service.  I have lived in Grayson County since the age of eight and throughout my life and my career I have been an active member of my community and I have worked diligently to make our region a better place to live, work, and raise a family.   With all of the resources this region has to offer with our lakes, rivers, highways, beautiful land, access to utilities, excellent schools and close proximity to major urban areas, there is no reason we should not be, by anyone's measure, one of the best places in the world to live.  But, if you look at the socioeconomic demographics of some portions of the18th district, we more closely resemble a third world country than what should be one of the most successful regions of our state. 

According to a recent study, Kentucky was ranked as the seventh worst governed state in America! Unless our government is held more accountable for its actions, the future will be bleak and uncertain for our children and grandchildren.  The people of our district and our state deserve better!
If I am elected, I will make the following commitment to you:

Please help me change Frankfort for the benefit of all Kentuckians!

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